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Welcome to Innocent High, where all of your dreams come true! While this isn't exactly a school you'd want to send your daughter to, it sure is great for all sorts of things. I mean, you get to watch other people's daughters getting pounded so hard their toes start curling, and their eyes roll HD! Doesn't that sound exciting to you? Of course, it does! So make sure to check this page out!
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So, what can you expect to see on a website called "Innocent High"? You can expect to see everything but innocence, seeing porn websites have this tradition of having pretty ironic names. Every girl you get to see in these videos has been drilled many times in her life, and she loves the fact that she has been "defiled," in a way. The Innocent High just so happens to be an all-girl school. However, all of the professors are dudes, and the girls here are just craving for some cock inside of them. So, can I make it any more obvious? These teachers aren't average dudes, either. They're all hung hunks who are more than willing to deliver amazing poundings to their skinny teen students. They love seeing them cum, and they are also pretty good at doing that. Now, some of these gals swing both ways. You'll see some girls eating pussy and sucking titties, too. However, group sex isn't uncommon in this school, either. You'll find these girls on their knees sucking on two dicks at once quite often. So, if that's your thing, good for you - you've struck gold. You'll find 456 videos on this website; however, not all of these movies are available in HD, sadly. You'll find that only a quarter of the movies can be viewed in 720p. However, this still leaves us with around 155 movies that you can watch in full HD. Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that this number grows every month. The page usually comes through with a new scene once a month, but sometimes multiple scenes get uploaded in a single month, which is pretty great. So, by getting your Innocent High pass, you are essentially buying yourself a vast collection of teen porn that's bound to grow with time. Make sure that membership lasts at least a year, as it will surely pay off for you. We've also noticed that this website has tons and tons of pictures on it. However, not all of these are HD, either. Only the latest photos have excellent quality, but the rest isn't that impressive. So, in this case, newer does mean better.


While it isn't that hard to find whatever you're looking for on this website, the search system still needs some more improvements. Furthermore, we should also mention that there are tons and tons of content and performer tags on this page, which is quite remarkable, to be quite honest. Then, you are also given the option of tracking your favourites. The page uses an infinite scroll system. However, all of the thumbnails are divided into blocks of thirty. Underneath every single one of these blocks, a bunch of ads will appear, but they're not precisely "aggressive," and they only take up a little bit of space, so you need not worry about those. You can rate certain movies, and you can drop comments underneath them, too.
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